The Priory Church of St Mary and the Holy Cross,


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Baptisms 1811 - 1858


Person Baptised


(R) by a candidates name means Received into Church  
ELGAR, Mary Anne Alexander & Rebecca

KNOWLES, Charles John & Mary

ELGAR, Mary Anne (R) Alexander & Rebecca

RAM, Henry Rice & Anne

WISKER, Bodham Bartle Thomas & Sarah

KENDLE, Robert John & Anne

STANGROOM, Elizabeth King & Susanna

BULLEN, John John & Martha

LEAKE, Anne William & Phoebe

BLY, Anne John & Susanna

DICKING, Susanna Robert & Rebecca

SANDYS, Thomas Thomas & Rosamund

DICKERSON, Elizabeth John & Ellen

MASSINGHAM, Mary James & Martha

COE, James Richard & Leah

BOOTY, Sarah John & Elizabeth

PRESS, Stephen Thomas John & Susanna

GAMBLE, Frances Valentine & Elizabeth

BARRETT, Mary Elizabeth Benjamin & Mary

ELGAR, Jane William & Susanna

MASSINGHAM, True Joseph & Sarah

LEAKE, Anne (R) William & Phoebe

DICKERSON, Elizabeth (R) John & Ellen

ABBOTT, Hannah Elizabeth Vernon & Anne

MUSSETT, Robert William & Mary

MOY, George James & Elizabeth

KENDLE, Elizabeth (born 1805) (R) John & Margaret

MOY, George (R) James & Elizabeth

KENDLE, Frances (born 1809) (R) John & Margaret

EMERSON, Susannah John & Lucy

RAM, James Thomas & Elizabeth

STANGROOM, George King & Susanna

MUSSETT, Robert (R) William & Mary

EMERSON, Susannah (R) John & Lucy

SANDYS, Thomas Thomas & Rosamund

DICKERSON, Mary John & Ellen

LAKE, John William & Phoebe

FRANKLING, Robert Felix & Elizabeth

MASSINGHAM, Martha James & Martha

GOTTS, John John & Mary

CRANFIELD, William William & Hannah

KENDLE, William John & Margaret

BARNARD, James John & Mary

CRAYS, James Edmund & Margaret

PLATFORD, Lydia William & Anne

MASSINGHAM, Samuel Stephen & Mary

BOARDMAN, Rebecca John & Mary Anne

SANDS, Elisabeth Thomas & Rosamund

RAMM, Sarah Rice & Anne

DOLTEN, Thomas John & Martha

WILKINSON, William William & Mary

ELGAR, Sarah William & Susannah

RAM, John Thomas & Susannah

FRANKLING, William Yaxley Felix & Elizabeth

PRESS, George Thomas & Susannah

GAMBLE, Sophia Elizabeth

COOPER, John John & Anne

EMERSON, William John & Lucy

MASSINGHAM, Elizabeth James & Martha

LEAKE, William William & Phoebe

BOOTY, Harriet John James & Elizabeth

BARRETT, James Jackson Benjamin & Mary

GREVE, Esther Peter & Susannah

DICKEN, Sarah Sarah

STANGROOM, George King & Susannah

DICKERSON, Matthew John & Ellen

DOLTEN, William Thomas & Sarah Hester

MALLET, William James & Amelia

DOLTEN, John John & Martha

CRASK, Ann Edmund & Margaret

SANDS, Robert Thomas & Rosamund

HOWELL, John Cott William & Mary

MASSINGHAM, Mary John & Elizabeth

BACON, Harriet Hannah

MASSINGHAM, James Stephen & Mary

GOTTS, Mary Ann John & Mary

KNOWLES, Elizabeth John & Anne

SEEL, John John & Christianna

PRESS, Ann John & Susannah

WISKER, Charlotte William & Dianah

RAMM, Ann Rice & Anne

EARL, Thomas John & Frances

EMERSON, Mary Ann John & Lucy

LEAKE, Henry William & Phoebe

MASSINGHAM, Martha John & Elizabeth

KENDLE, Withers Elizabeth

SANDS, William Thomas & Rosamund

MASSINGHAM, James James & Martha

STANGROOM, George King & Susannah

MALLET, Mary Ann James & Amelia

JOY, Lydia Edmund & Mary

DALTON, Robert Thomas & Sarah

MOY, James James & Elizabeth

SEELS, Elizabeth John & Christianna

DICKERSON, James William William & Elizabeth

DALTON, William John & Martha

DALTON, Henry John & Martha

COOPER, Seley James & Ann

DACKIN, James Clement Jacob & Rebecca

RAMM, Susannah Mary

MASSINGHAM, John John & Elizabeth

GLISTER, Francis Alexander Joseph & Elizabeth

DICKERSON, Elen John & Ellen

MASSINGHAM, Jeremiah Stephen & Mary

SANDS, Harriot Thomas & Rosamund

COE, Uria Richard & Leah

KENDLE, Robert William & Anne

BOARDMAN, John John & Anne

PRESS, John Temple John & Susannah

DAPLYN, Elizabeth William & Ellen

JOY, Samuel Edward & Mary

LEAKE, Matthew William & Phoebe

GOTTS, Hannah John & Mary

BIX, William Robert & Elizabeth

BARRETT, William Robert & Frances

CRASK, Mary Edmund & Margaret

HINDERSON, James James & Ann

WIETT, John John & Anne

HARMER, Robert Harmer Long Esther

MALLET, James Cooper James & Amelia

BARRETT, Esther Benjamin & Mary

PRESS, John Temple John & Susannah

EMERSON, Betsey John & Lucy

KENDLE, William William & Anne

MASSINGHAM, Kezia James & Margaret

CLARKE, Mary Elizabeth

LEAKE, Elizabeth Samuel & Susan

ROW, Mary Matthew & Elizabeth

DALTON, Abel Thomas & Sarah Hester

COE, Mark Richard & Leah

DYE, William William & Mary

DALTON, Margaret Ram John & Martha

DAPLYN, Susannah William & Ellen

MOY, John James & Elizabeth

HOWES, William William & Mary

PLANE, Joseph Lydia

LEAKE, William William & Phoebe

FOX, Samuel Samuel & Alice

MASSINGHAM, Elizabeth Stephen & Mary

HINDERSON, Rebecca James & Ann

RAM, Susanna Arnold Mary

LEAKE, Samuel Samuel & Susan

STANGROOM, Frederick King & Susannah

RAM, William John & Elizabeth

RIX, John Elizabeth

DYE, Mary Ann William & Elizabeth

BIX, Ann Robert & Elizabeth

DICKERSON, Mary Dalton Mary

WIETT, Elizabeth John & Anne

PRESS, John Temple John & Susan

KIRK, Mary Ann Margetson Phoebe

BARRETT, Sarah Robert & Frances

HOOKE, David Benjamin James & Harriot

MALLET, Betsey James & ..

COE, Jane Lydia Richard & Leah

DEW, George John & Martha

GOTTS, George John & Mary

DALTON, James Thomas & Sarah

EMMERSON, Lucy John & Lucy

EMMERSON, William Susan

DICKEN, Susanna Everett Alice

ROW, John Matthew & Elizabeth

ROW, Elizabeth Matthew & Elizabeth

BASTY?, Maria Jary John & Elizabeth

DICKEN, Rebeckah Samuel & Sarah Ann

DAPLYNE, Ann William & Ellen

BARRETT, William Benjamin & Mary

EVERETT, Mary Ann Robert & Ann

FOX, Elizabeth Samuel & Alice

WIETT, Ann John & Anne

PARKER, John William & Elizabeth

PEAPS, Mary Thomas & Sarah

RAMM, Maria John & Elizabeth

HAWKE, Rebecca Hephzebah James & Harriot

HINDRESON, Ann James & Ann

GREGORY, Sarah Ann William & Celia

MOY, Betsey James & Elizabeth

ARNOLD, Sarah Ann James & Mary

MARGERSON, George Rainer & Phoebe

LEAKE, Susan Samuel & Susan

CRASK, Henry Harwood Edmund & Margaret

COE, Mary Ann Richard & Leah

DENNIS, Sarah Charlotte

WELLS, William Thomas & Amelia

MOY, Thomas Henry & Susannah

MALLETT, James James & Amelia

OUGHTON, Abraham Zebulon & Christian

GRAVERSON, Edmund Edmund & Ann

BIX, Mary Ann Robert & Elizabeth

HUNTER, William Thomas & Mary

PRESS, Susan John & Susan

DALTON, Henry Thomas & Sarah

DEW, Thomas John & Martha

DAPLYNE, Clarissa William & Ellen

GOTTS, Maria John & Mary

EMMERSON, Harriet John & Lucy

HAWKE, Thomas Dawson James & Harriot

WIETT, Mary John & Anne

HINDERSON, Thomas James & Ann

RAM, Sarah Ann William & Elizabeth

DICKENS, Robert Samuel & Sarah Ann

SILLIS, William Samuel & Alice

DENNIS, Henry Louisa

FOX, Alice Samuel & Alice

PALL, Mary Ann Thomas & Elizabeth

COE, Charlotte Richard & Leah

GREGORY, Maria William & Celia

RICHES, Brownlow Richard William & Sarah

GRIEVES, Mary Robert & Elizabeth

WALLER, Elizabeth John & Mary

DENNIS, John Charlotte

CRASK, Mary Ann James & Ellen

PARKER, Harriet William & Elizabeth

LEAKE, Sarah Samuel & Susan

CRASK, Thomas Edmund & Margaret

PRESS, Elizabeth John & Susannah

HOOKE, Thomas Dawson James & Harriet

DALTON, Harriet Abel & Sarah

BIX, Hannah Robert & Elizabeth

PULL, Thomas Leeder Thomas & Elizabeth Nobbs

SILLIS, John Robert & Mary Ann

WISKER, Sarah John & Ann

DAPLYNE, Thomas William & Ellen

EMMERSON, James Arnold Susannah

DICKERSON, John Row Phoebe

BUNNETT, Charles Bartholomew & Charlotte

WALLER, Martha John & Mary

MALLETT, John James & Amelia

FOX, Robert Samuel & Alice

RAMM, Henry Rice William & Eliza

DICKERSON, Henry Salmon & Harriet

COE, Leah Richard & Leah

PRESS, Thomas Thomas & Sarah

EMERSON, Charles John & Lucy

DALTON, Mary Thomas & Sarah

GOODBODY, Sarah Elizabeth Alice

HINDERSON, George James & Ann

CRASK, William James & Ellen

GREGORY, Richard William & Celia

SILLIS, Sarah Ann Samuel & Alice

WELLS, Amelia Elizabeth Thomas & Amelia

MASSINGHAM, George Stephen & Mary

HAWKE, Phebe Harriet James & Harriet

WALLER, Leah Ann John & Mary

CARTER, William Robert & Bridgett

PULL, William Thomas & Elizabeth Nobbs

ARNOLD, John Francis & Susan

PARKER, James William & Elizabeth

MOY, Thomas Henry & Susannah

PEAPES, George George & Susan

PLANE, Robert Robert & Honor

YAXLEY, Sarah Ann John & Rachel

LEAK, William Samuel & Susan

GRIEVES, Robert Robert & Elizabeth

PRESS, Mark Youngs Fanny

BIX, Henry Robert & Elizabeth

GOODBODY, Harriet Alice

WIETT, William John & Ann

PRESS, Thomas Temple John & Susannah

ROBINSON, Sarah Richard & Louisa

DALTON, Sarah Ann Abel & Sarah

BUNNETT, Susan Bartholomew & Charlotte

RAMM, Thomas Elizabeth

RAMM, Elizabeth Elizabeth

WALLER, Harriot John & Mary

DAPLYNE, Martha Maria William & Ellen

GREAVE, John Peter & Celia

RAMM, Miles Gowers William & Eliza

DICKERSON. Ann Salmon & Harriet

DAVY. Philip Waters Matthew & Sarah

PULL, Hannah Maria Thomas & Elizabeth Nobbs

GREGORY, Catherine William & Celia

DICKEN, Samuel Samuel & Frances

SILLIS, James Newstead Robert & Mary Ann

ARNOLD, Charles Emmerson Francis & Susan

SILLIS, Robert Samuel & Alice

RAMM, Mary Ann Thomas & Ann

COE, Susannah Richard & Leah

PLANE, Sarah Smith Robert & Honor

DOLTON, Betsey Thomas & Sarah

THOMPSON, Earl Earl & Hannah

THOMPSON, Hannah Earl & Hannah

GRIEVES, John Clark Robert & Elizabeth

ROBINSON, Richard Richard & Louisa

WELLS, Frances Maria Thomas & Amelia

MALLET, Harriet James & Amelia

HINDERSON, John James & Ann

WALLER, Jane John & Mary

PARKER, Elizabeth William & Elizabeth

RIX, Ann Bartle & Elizabeth

MOY, Henry Henry & Susannah

ROW, Martha Matthew & Charlotte

CRASK, James James & Ellen

BUNNETT, Elizabeth Bartholomew & Charlotte

PEARSON, James John Peapes Mary

PEARSON, Mary Mary

WIETT, Sarah John & Ann

YAXLEY, Rachel John & Rachel

PULL, Sarah Thomas & Elizabeth Nobbs

BIX, Robert Robert & Elizabeth

PARKER, Elizabeth William & Elizabeth

ELGAR, Rebecca Riseborough John & Susannah

RINGEN, James Robert & Elizabeth

FOX, Susannah Samuel & Alice

PEAPES, Charles Thomas & Sarah

HOOKE, James Samuel James & Hannah

SILLIS, Robert Robert & Mary Ann

DAPLIN, Mary Ann William & Ellen

ARNOLD, Samuel Francis Francis & Susan

PEAPES, Maria George & Susan

LAKE, Susan Samuel & Susan

DICKERSON, Susan Samuel & Hannah

SILLIS, James Newstead Samuel & Alice

CRASK, Henry Edmund & Margaret

RAMM, William William & Eliza

DALTON, Elizabeth Watts Abel & Sarah

HINDERSON, Susannah James & Ann

BROWN, Thomas Plane Robert & Honor

WALLER, Harriet John & Mary

DICKERSON, George Isaac Salmon & Harriet

RAMM, Harriet Thomas & Ann

RIX, Rebecca Bartle & Elizabeth

DICKERSON, Sarah Ann John & Phoebe

BUNNETT, Hannah Bartholomew & Charlotte

DAVY, Waters Matthew & Sarah

DALTON, Susannah Thomas & Sarah

HENDERSON, Plane James & Susannah

DALTON, Ellen Thomas & Sarah Ann

CRASK, Elizabeth James & Ellen

PARKER, George William & Elizabeth

DAPLYN, Ursula William & Ellen

STIMPSON, Mary Ann Jackson & ?

DICKEN, Christiana Samuel & Frances

WALLER, John Watts John & Mary

MOY, Jonathan Henry & Susannah

MALLETT, Amelia James & Amelia

ARNOLD, Rebecca Thomas & Susannah

HOOKE, Harriet James & Harriet

CATCHPOOL, Maria John & Mary Ann

BROWN, Henry Robert & Honor

PEAPES, Mary Thomas & Sarah

RIX, Thomas Robert & Elizabeth

FOX, Pleasants Samuel & Alice

MUSSETT, James James & Sarah

CRASK, Mark Clark James & Ellen

RAMM, Henry Elizabeth

RAMM, Robert Elizabeth

MUSSETT, Sarah Edward & Ellen

RAMM, James William & Eliza

THOMPSON, Robert Mitchell Martha

DENNIS, Charles Valentine William & Mary

BUNNETT, Mary Ann Bartholomew & Charlotte

DICKERSON, Mary Elizabeth

DALTON, Charlotte Abel & Sarah

WALLER, Emma John & Mary

DAPLYN, William Thomas Mark & Susannah

SILLIS, Mupeth Samuel & Alice

GRIEVES, Esther Peter & Celia

DICKERSON, Susan Esther Salmon & Harriet

HINDERSON, Maria James & Ann

YAXLEY, John John & Rachel

LEAK, Harriet Maria Samuel & Susan

ARNOLD, Luke Francis & Susan

DICKERSON, James Phoebe

DICKERSON, Robert William Samuel & Frances

GOODBODY, Thomas Moy Alice

YOUNGS, Charles Mark & Elizabeth

CRASK, Maria Ramm Ann

BARNES, Elizabeth Thomas & Ann

RAMM, Rhoda Thomas & Ann

PARKER, Kezia William & Elizabeth

RIX, John Bartle & Elizabeth

HOOKE, Susan James & Harriet

CRASK, Ellen Clarke James & Ellen

DENNIS, Charles William & Mary

WRIGHT, Dorcas Louisa William & Dorcas

PEAPS, Frederick Thomas & Sarah

DAPLYN, Jane William & Ellen

RAMM, Fanny Press Susannah

MOY, Sarah Ann Henry & Susannah

PLANE, Jane Robert & Honor

MUSSETT, Sarah Ann James & Sarah

FOX, Matthew Samuel & Alice

WALLER, William James John & Mary

MALLET, Emily James & Amelia

PITCHER, John Copeman Josiah & Alice

BUNNETT, Charlotte Bartholomew & Charlotte

NEWSTEAD, Hariet James & Elizabeth

PEACOCK, Elizabeth Susan Henry & Ann

DALTON, Maria Abel & Sarah

HINDERSON, Robert James & Ann

DALTON, Harriet Thomas & Sarah

SILLIS, Maria Samuel & Alice

BIX, Eliza Robert & Elizabeth

ROBINSON, Dennis Richard & Louisa

MASSET, William Edward & Ellen

GREENACRE, John James John & Sarah

CRASK, Harriet James & Ellen

DORR, Anna Newton Thomas & Ann

FRANKLING, Felix Samuel Felix & Ann

WRIGHT, William William & Dorcas

GAMBLE, Robert Arnold Sophia

GOTTS, William John & Ann

DENNIS, Matthew William & Mary

MASSETT, Elizabeth James & Sarah

NEWSTEAD, Charlotte James & Ellen

GREENACRE, Sarah Ann John & Sarah Ann

PRESS, George George & Susan

NEWSTEAD, George Benjamin John & Mary

JARVIS, William John & Maria

TWIDDY, John John & Elizabeth

DICKINS, William Samuel & Frances

PLANE, Emily Robert & Honor

PEAPS, Edward Thomas & Sarah

RAMM, Susannah Elizabeth James & Sarah

BUNNET, Dennis Bartholomew & Charlotte

LAKE, Thomas Samuel & Susan

YOUNGS, Rebeckah Mark & Rebeckah

GIDNEY, James John & Sarah

FOX, Ann Samuel & Alice

DALTON, Emily Abel & Sarah

RAMM, John Elizabeth

MASSETT, Robert Edward & Ellen

MOY, Herbert Mary

SILLIS, Mary Ann Samuel & Alice

BARWICK, Sarah Ann Charles & Ann

HOOKE, George William James & Harriet

WRIGHT, William William & Dorcas

CRASK, Mary Ann

RAMM, Charlotte John & Ann

DENNIS, Fanny William & Mary

CRASK, Martha James & Ellen

FLEGG, John Charles Robert & Ann

RAMM, Robert James & Sarah

EVERETT, Mary Ann Mary

MUSSETT, Elizabeth James & Sarah

WALLER, James William John & Mary

DALTON, George Abel & Sarah

GREENACRE, Mary John & Sarah

GOTTS, George Heyhoe John & Ann

BUNNETT, James Bartholomew & Charlotte

PLANE, John Robert & Honor

DORR, Sarah Ann Thomas & Ann

DALTON, Sarah Ann Margaret

NEWSTEAD, Sophia George & Ann

GOTTS, Mark Mary

LAKE, Harriet Henry & Mary Ann

DENNIS, William William & Mary

TWIDDY, Sarah John & Elizabeth

CRASK, Richard James & Ellen

MUSSETT, Mary Ann Edward & Ellen

GREEN, Harriet James & Ann

FOX, Matthew Samuel & Alice

DICKEN, John Austin Samuel & Frances

PRESS, John George & Susan

DAPLYN, Ellen William & Ellen

BARRETT, Esther James Jackson & Elizabeth

WRIGHT, Arnold Loose William & Dorcas

SEELS, James Moy Elizabeth

DICKEN, Anna Rebecca

RAMM, James John & Ann

JACKSON, Charles William Robert & Sarah

RAMM, William Elgar James & Sarah

LONG, Ann Maria William & Matilda

FRANKLING, Samuel Crisp Felix & Ann

DURRENT, Robert John John & Hannah

BULL, Louisa Mary Henry & Mary Ann

CRASK, Eliza James & Ellen

BUNNETT, Hannah Bartholomew & Charlotte

DALTON, Emanuel James Thomas & Ann

RIX, Susanna Bartle & Elizabeth

PLANE, Caroline Robert & Honor

CURLE, Sarah Ann John & Elizabeth

SPINK, Sarah Ann John & Ann

DAPLYN, Lydia William & Mary Ann

FLEGG, Mary Ann Robert & Ann

EKE, Theobald William & Ester

DALTON, Mary Elizabeth Margaret

RAMM, Mary Ann John & Ann

TWIDDY, Susanna John & Elizabeth

BOARDMAN, William Lane James & Mary Ann

LAKE, Mary Ann Henry & Mary Ann

SCOTTER, Sarah Ann Henry & Sarah

JACKSON, Elizabeth Robert & Sarah

GREEN, Margaret Susanna James & Ann

CRASK, Susanna James & Ellen

MUSSETT, John Edward & Ellen

PRESS, Matthew George & Susan

BARRETT, James Jackson James & Elizabeth

DAPLYN, Robert William & Mary Ann

DALTON, Eliza John & Sarah Ann

RAMM, Henry James & Sarah

FOX, Harriet Samuel & Alice

FOX, Elizabeth Alice

COKER, James John John & Charlotte Temple

COKER, Rosanne Fanny John & Charlotte Temple

YOUNGS, Charles John & Alice

BUNNETT, Emily Bartholomew & Charlotte

FLEGG, Maria Robert & Ann

WRIGHT, Frederick William & Dorcas

EKE, Matthew William & Ester

DICKEN, Albert Rebecca

DENNIS, Elizabeth William & Mary

FRANKLING, Charles Crisp Felix & Ann

CURLE, William Riseborough John & Margaret

MUSSET, Maria James & Sarah

DICKERSON, Pleasance Pleasance

PRESS, William Ann

SCOTTER, Martha Ann Henry & Sarah

DALTON, Samuel Abel & Sarah

LAKE, Elizabeth Samuel & Susan

DALTON, Elizabeth John & Sarah Ann

SARTEN, Sarah Elizabeth Robert & Sarah

DAPLYN, Susanna William & Mary Ann

JACKSON, Rebecca Robert & Sarah

JACKSON, Fanny Lydia John & Fanny

WIETT, Elizabeth John & Mary

LAKE, Sarah Henry & Mary Ann

BIX, James Ann

TWIDDY, William John & Elizabeth

YOUNGS, Rebecca John & Alice

RAMM, Elgar James & Sarah

DICKEN, Thomas Samuel & Frances

MUSSETT, Henry Edward & Ellen

FRANKLING, Rebecca Elizabeth Felix & Ann

GAMBLE, Robert Sophia

GREEN, Edmund Crasp James & Ann

DICKERSON, James Matthew Ellen

CURLE, Lydia John & Elizabeth

MATTHEWS, Eliza John & Ann

RAMM, Thomas John William & Mary Ann

WARNES, Mary Ann Richard & Mary

SILLIS, James Samuel & Alice

ELGAR, Anna Maria Elizabeth John & Margaret

RAMM, Mary Ann Elizabeth

RAMM, William Henry Fox Maria

DENNIS, Elizabeth William & Mary

WRIGHT, Henry William & Dorcas

BOARDMAN, James Andrew James & Mary Ann

DAPLYN, Alice William & Mary Ann

EKE, Matthew Henry William & Ester

SADLER, John Stephen Robert & Sarah

GOTTS, Hariet William & Dinah

DICKENSON, Thomas William Ellen

PRESS, Henry George & Sarah

BIX, Amelia Hannah

PARKER, Mary Ann Harriet

SCOTTER, Alice Henry & Sarah

PEAPS, Elizabeth John & Amy

CURLE, Lydia John & Elizabeth

DICKERSON, Matthew Matthew & Sarah Ann

TWIDDY, Robert John & Elizabeth

JACKSON, Alice Ann Applegate John & Fanny

MUSSETT, Alice William & Pleasance

ROBINSON, Charles Louisa

SEELS, William Robert Elizabeth

RAMM, James James & Mary

LAKE, Elizabeth Henry & Mary Ann

MUSSETT, Betsey Edward & Ellen

LAKE, William Samuel & Susan

LAKE, James George & Mary Ann

LAKE, Emma Elizabeth Mark & Lydia

YOUNGS, Easter Sarah Ann John & Alice

DICKERSON, Thomas William Ellen

BARNETT, William James & Elizabeth

BIX, Maria Mary

GREEN, Ann James & Ann

DAPLYN, George William & Mary Ann

SADLER, Mary Brett Robert & Sarah

RAMM, Charlotte Ann William & Mary Ann

EKE, William Robert William & Elizabeth

WIETT, John John & Mary Ann

YAXLEY, John Sarah

GAMBLE, Charlotte Sophia

PEAPS, Phebe Ursula John & Amy

WRIGHT, Thomas Lavender & Mary

FRANKLING, Charles Felix & Ann

MUSSETT, John William & Pleasance

LAKE, Charles Mark & Lydia

BOARDMAN, Elizabeth Mary James & Mary Ann

BIX, Cecilia Mary

MATTHEWS, Sarah John & Ann

PRESS, Charlotte Elizabeth George & Susan

DAPLYN, Charles William & Mary Ann

RAMM, William Christopher William & Mary Ann

PEAPS, Sarah John & Amy

DENNIS, Alice John & Betsey

MUSSETT, Alice Edward & Ellen

LAKE, Samuel Samuel & Susan

LAKE, William Henry Henry & Mary Ann

RAMM, James James & Ann

LADELL, Alice Mary William John & Elizabeth

BIX, Robert Ann

SCOTTER, William Henry & Sarah

BOARDMAN, Alfred John James & Mary Ann

MUSSETT, Frederick James & Sarah

GREEN, Betsey James & Ann

DENNIS, Henry John & Elizabeth

BIX, John Robert & Sarah Ann

SEEL, Sarah Elizabeth

GAMBLE, Sarah Ann Sophia

DAPLYN, Maria William & Mary Ann

EKE, Louisa William & Elizabeth

SADLER, Harriet Jane Robert & Sarah

DICKENS, Frederick Rebecca

DICKENS, Edward Robert Rebecca

BUNNETT, Charlotte Elizabeth Charles & Maria

PARKER, Ann Elizabeth James & Mary

PRESS, Susannah Maria George & Susannah

YAXLEY, Anne Sarah

MUSSETT, Emma James & Sarah

DENNIS, Robert John & Elizabeth

MUSSETT, Anna Maria Edward & Ellen

PEAPES, Emma John & Ann

BOARDMAN, Alfred John James & Mary Ann

RAMM, Jonathan Claxton William & Mary Ann

LAKE, John Henry & Mary Ann

RAMM, Jane Elgar James & Sarah

ENGLAND, Edward Lee (born 1849 Texas USA)

BIX, Susanna Robert & Sarah

DAPLYN, William Thomas & Louisa

BUNNETT, James Robert Elizabeth

BIX, Elizabeth Rebecca

FOX, John Robert & Maria

EKE, Daplyn William & Elizabeth

DENNIS, Harriet John & Elizabeth

DAPLYN, Charles William & Mary Ann

MARTIN, William Thomas William & Susan

BONNET, Charles Charles & Maria

WYETT, James John & Mary Ann

PARKER, James Ellison James & Mary Ann

BIX, Anna Elizabeth Hannah

YAXLEY, William Sarah

CRAPY, Anna Elizabeth David & Rebeckah

TWIDDY, Elizabeth John & Elizabeth

MUSSETT, Susan James & Sarah

RAMM, Sarah Eliza William & Mary Ann

LAKE, William Henry Susana

COUSINS, James Henry Henry & Susan

YOUNGMAN, Henry Bartholomew & Sarah

BOARDMAN, Thomas Wilson James & Mary Ann

PAPES, Frederic Thomas & Rhoda

FRANKLING, Harriet Felix & Ann

PRESS, E.. Elizabeth George & Susan

DAPLYN, Edward William & Mary Ann

DAPLYN, Lucy William & Mary Ann

WILLIAMS, Richard Coe William & Lea

FOX, Susan Robert & Maria

DALTON, John Robert Harriet

FOX, Robert Pleasance

LAKE, James Mallet Henry & Mary Ann

DALTON, Robert Thomas & Ann

DENNIS, Anne Elizabeth John & Elizabeth

BONNETT, Robert Charles & Maria

DALTON, Samuel Abel & Sarah

BRIDGES, George William William & Elizabeth

LAKE, Anna Rebecca William & Elizabeth

WRENCH, Harriet Caleb Eliver & Harriet

ARNOLD, William John & Alice

HARRIS, Elizabeth Anne Richard & Elizabeth

PARKER, Elizabeth George & Mary

BIX, Susanna Robert & Susannah

BIX, Margaret Robert & Sarah Ann

ANDREWS, Frederick William John & Hannah

PARKER, William John Kesiah

LAKE, Mary William & Elizabeth

WRENCH, Clara Maria Caleb Eliver & Harriet

YAXLEY, Ann Elizabeth Sarah

FOX, Maria Robert & Maria

FRANKLING, Walter Felix & Ann

HARRIS, Richard Richard & Elizabeth

RAMM, Marian James & Mary Ann

LAKE, Mary Ann John & Sophia

BRIDGES, Walter Henry William & Elizabeth

DAPLYN, Elizabeth William & Mary

LAKE, Anna Maria Charles & Susan