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Binham Priory from the South
Binham Priory from the south

Binham is a small village surrounded by fields of arable and dairy farming. Its crowning glory is the Priory Church, founded in 1091 as a Benedictine Priory. The nave of the priory still stands as the Parish Church and is lovingly cared for. It is approached through the medieval gatehouse and stands surrounded by its churchyard on the north and west and its extensive monastic ruins to the east and south. These ruins are owned by the Norfolk Archaeological Trust but under the controlling guardianship of English Heritage.

The west front by a local artist

The Priory has in excess of 20,000 visitors a year whose donations are a vital part of the church’s income. The PCC has stated “mission to visitors” as a primary aspect of out-reach. Whilst endeavouring to meet demands for the Parish Share, the PCC also believes it important to donate a proportion of income to local and international charities. The particularly fine acoustics of the church attracts musicians of high repute; please click on "Summer Concerts" and "Forthcoming Events" on the Home Page for latest information.

Mothering Sunday Service, lay-led

Sunday service attendance averages 18, but can be as high as 80 at festivals. Hymns, with organ accompaniment, are sung at every service. There is always a warm welcome for our visitors, with coffee, tea and a chat after the service. The PCC feels that there must be a service in the Priory every Sunday, whether clergy or lay led.

The village has the Chequers Inn, a mini supermarket, butchers, and Newman’s Emporium. There is a modern extremely well equipped village hall which is used by the church for Harvest Supper, Christmas Bazaar, other fund raising events, and also for some benefice occasions.

Parishoners at the Medieval Fayre

The church community also plays an active role in many of the secular activities of a very social village.

The completion of the Priory Project, costing almost a million pounds, has provided wheel-chair access and toilet facilities. New information panels, trails, guided tours, leaflets for local walks and cycle rides are available, together with an activities pack for schools and a very useful web site,

The Priory Church and surrounding site is an inspirational and truly spiritual place, offering peace and tranquillity to all seeking refreshment or healing.