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Rector's Message

Dear Friends and Parishioners,

As I write, it is light at evening, but there is no warmth. It is my usual Rectory Dress: two jerseys and a coat. ‘Are you going out?’ ‘No, I’m reading the Paper’. Not that I mind! Who would? The view from my window is a multiplicity of greens; and the white, orange, purple, pink and apricot of tulips; and overall, the scent of wisteria, which is for me the smell of comfort and achievement (I will tell you another time) – all this gives me Absolute Delight.

In my little walled kitchen garden I have just picked up a baby Robin, perhaps four weeks old – and quite dead. Still warm, but dead. Beautiful. And so sad-making. His father came into my house every morning this last Winter, marking his territory, usually on silk lampshades, but, why not? He was welcome. The nest is in my now five year old, five feet high yew hedge. Am I responsible?

Yes. I am touched by the death; touched by the Family of Mother and Father; and touched that I provided a home, from which life and death came.

There we all are. Thank God that we are met in our humanity in Christ, ‘en christo’, and welcomed into eternity, all together, and individually, in Christ, ‘en christo’.

Let us be kind to each other; and may I wish you a Summer of Peace and Plenty.

Yours very truly,

Ian Whittle
The Rectory, Langham 01328 830246