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Binham Priory guided tours

There is a Guided Tour of Binham Priory and its monastic precincts every Sunday and Tuesday afternoon starting at 3.00pm. These tours last for about an hour and run throughout the summer months from May to September. Booking ahead is not necessary. Many visitors find the interpretation panels very informative but if you like to ask questions or want the latest news about this building then do come along and join one of our tours.
Group tours can be arranged at mutually convenient times by contacting Maureen Frost on 01328 830362. A donation of £2 per person will help us to maintain this magnificent priory church.


Virtual tour of The Priory

Virtual tour of The Ruins

Binham Priory Events

Binham Priory hosts a wide range of music, arts and social events and activities

Rector’s Message


The Priory Church of St Mary and the Holy Cross is open daily between 10am and 4pm until 25th October and then between 11am and 2pm for individual prayer in line with social distancing and  hand hygiene guidelines.

The Priory Church of St Mary and the Holy Cross is for worship  as listed under Services at 11.00am in line with social distancing and  hand hygiene guidelines.



Zoom Services on Sundays continue during August at 5pm (note the new time) following morning services in our churches. There will be a special service on Sunday 30th August at 5pm to celebrate the worship we have shared together on-line during these days. th From the beginning of September, we will hold a Zoom Evensong at 5pm on the first Sunday of each month, starting on 6 September. Everyone is welcome! To participate please telephone Ian Newton on 01328 830947 or email iannewton46@ You will be warmly welcomed.

I have been delighted to take part in Divine Worship on Zoom, made possible by Mr. Ian & Canon Fiona Newton, with whom I’ve worked closely over these last months. Vast thanks to all.



Dear Friends and Parishioners,
This is a medieval Prayer for the Journey…

‘Here I am and forth I must,
And in Jesus Christ is all my trust.
No wicked thing do me any harm, Neither here nor elleswhere.
The Father with me, the Son with me, The Holy Ghost, and the Trinity,
Be betwixt my ghostly enemy and me.

In the name of the Father and the Son
And the Holy Ghost, Amen.’ Anonymous

It’s like a nice tidy parcel packed with faith, hope and determination; and like all nice parcels it needs to be opened, used, consumed or worn. Every age has its problems, some worse than others. What never changes is human folly, occasional sharp, persistent nastiness and the wonderful capacity for kindness and self-sacrifice. And have you noticed that the rats in the nest never have a sense of humour?

Autumn and Winter have their delights. I’ve always savoured October, a time for me mostly of new beginnings: new terms, new posts, new places to live; and often very sunny. What could be better? We need gentle newness now, the faith, hope and determination to plant new things, begin new kindnesses and to heartily participate in the grand divine plan to make all things new.

May Almighty God bless and keep all who live, work, enjoy and travel through our lovely parishes. May He bring you Autumn Glory.

Yours truly, Ian Whittle,
The Rectory, Langham 01328 830246

Seek the Lord
Seek the Lord, and in his ways persever.

O faint not, but as eagles fly;

For his steep hill is high;
Then striving gain the top, and triumph ever.

When with glory there thy brows are crowned, New joys so shall abound in thee,
Such sights thy soul shall see,

That worldly thoughts shall by their beams be drowned.

Farewell, World, thou mass of mere confusion, False light, with many shadows dimmed, Old witch, with new foils trimmed,

Thou deadly sleep of soul, and charmed illusion.

I the King will seek, of kings adored; Spring of light, tree of grace and bliss, Whose fruit so sovereign is

That all who taste it are from death restored.

Thomas Campion 1567 – 1620



Forthcoming Service Times – February

2nd SundayCandlemas11.00amHoly Communion
4thTuesday3.30pmEvening Prayer
9thSundayThe Fourth Sunday before Lent11.00amHoly Communion
11thTuesday3.30pmEvening Prayer
16thSundayThe Third Sunday before Lent11.00amFamily Service
18th Tuesday3.30pmEvening Prayer
23rdSundayThe Sunday next before Lent9.30amHoly Communion


1st MarchSundayThe First Sunday of Lent11.00amHoly Communion
3rd MarchTuesday 3.30pmEvening Prayer
8th MarchSunday The Second Sunday of Lent11.00amHoly Communion
10th March Tuesday 3.30pmEvening Prayer
15th MarchSundayThe Third Sunday of Lent11.00amFamily Service
17th March Tuesday 3.30pmEvening Prayer
22nd March SundayThe Fourth Sunday of Lent
Mothering Sunday
9.30amMothering Sunday Service
24th March Tuesday3.30pmEvening Prayer
29th March Sunday The Fifth Sunday of Lent 10.30amHC
Group Service at Bale