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Binham Priory guided tours

There is a Guided Tour of Binham Priory and its monastic precincts every Sunday and Tuesday afternoon starting at 3.00pm. These tours last for about an hour and run throughout the summer months from May to September. Booking ahead is not necessary. Many visitors find the interpretation panels very informative but if you like to ask questions or want the latest news about this building then do come along and join one of our tours.
Group tours can be arranged at mutually convenient times by contacting Maureen Frost on 01328 830362. A donation of £2 per person will help us to maintain this magnificent priory church.


Virtual tour of The Priory

Virtual tour of The Ruins

Binham Priory Events

Binham Priory hosts a wide range of music, arts and social events and activities

Rector’s Message

Dear Friends and Parishioners,

Summer at last and the long days of light and warmth, and we hope, temperate rain.  The preparations of Winter and Spring lead to this: growth and fruition and Sharrington strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  What I wasn’t prepared for though was the death of three pear trees and an apple, all due to a wandering honey fungus.  It devoured a huge ash tree in the churchyard and invisibly made its way through my garden.  Such is the way of malignity, and it is wasteful and sad.  I am particularly sad to say goodbye to a venerable pear planted in the lawn and lovingly pruned into the shape of a chalice with a long stem with a pretty and productive bowl.  Its grey green leaves delighted me in Spring, the canopy made a lovely parasol in Summer and the little sweet fruits fed me and the birds.  Alas no more.

May I wish you a peaceful and bountiful Summer and a nice lot of local cream on those strawberries.

Yours very truly,

Ian Whittle.


Yet when woodland bowers

Are filled with fresh flowers,

‘Neath trees of green splendour

‘Tis comfort to rove;

Though glimpses of gladness

Are mingled with sadness,

With memories most tender

I seek the Ash Grove.

Gaed gynt yn Llwyn On.

The Ash Grove, by Harold Boulton, from Songs of the Four Nations.


Forthcoming Service Times – February

3rdSundayCandlemas11.00amHoly Communion
5thTuesday3.30pmEvening Prayer
10thSundayThe Fourth Sunday before Lent11.00amHoly Communion
12thTuesday3.30pmEvening Prayer
17thSundayThe Third Sunday before Lent11.00amFamily Service
19th Tuesday3.30pmEvening Prayer
24thSundayThe Second Sunday before Lent9.30amHoly Communion


3rd MarchSundayThe Sunday next before Lent11.00amHoly Communion
5th MarchTuesday 3.30pmEvening Prayer
10th MarchSunday The First Sunday of Lent11.00amHoly Communion
12th March Tuesday 3.30pmEvening Prayer
17th MarchSundayTheSecond Sunday of Lent11.00amFamily Service
19th March Tuesday 3.30pmEvening Prayer
24th March SundayThe Third Sunday of Lent9.30amHoly Communion
26th March Tuesday6.00pmEvening Prayer
31st March Sunday Mothering Sunday 10.20amFamily Service