Binham Priory's holdings in Little Ryburgh

An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk... by the Late Rev. Charles Parkin, A. M. Volume VII, London, 1807 pages 168 - 172


The Earl Warren had one socman here, and in Stabrigge (Stiberd,) who held 30 acres of land, and a carucate, and one acre of meadow, with the moiety of a church, endowed with 3 acres, valued at 5s. and 4d. and seems to be held of him by Peter de Valoins, his name being set over the words, as below.

In Ryburgh also, Peter held under the said Earl 8 socmen, who held one carucate of land, and there were one villain, and 6 bordarers, with 2 carucates, paunage for 20 swine, 1 acres of meadow, a mill, valued at 20s, and was of the fee of Frederic, before it came to the Earl.


This seems to be held by the ancient family of De Paveli: Sir Philip de Paveli, of Riburgh Parva was witness to a deed, sans date; but in the reign of Richard I. Sir Ralph de Paveli was his son, who gave lands to Castleacre priory, witnessed by Prudence his wife : of the said family was Roger de Paveli, who had a lordship in Hillington, and was a benefactor to the said priory, and to the abbey of Derham, in the reign of King John. In the 12th of Henry III. Philip de Paveli granted, by fine, to Ralph, his son, 80 acres of land, with a mill, who regranted it to Philip for life, and Philip covenants, that he would not mortgage, alien, &c. or commit any waste in the woods, carrs, &c. belonging to the land.

Richard, prior of Binham, and the convent, granted to this Ralph, and his heirs, the liberty of building a chapel in this house, in the parish of Ryburgh Parva, saving all right belonging to their church; and that the chaplain should admit none of the parishioners to any sacrament, and shall swear to be true to the mother church; and if any chaplain should with-hold any profit, then the prior to suspend him till a restoration.

John de Paveli was son of Sir Ralph, had free warren here, and in Stiberd, in the 3d of Edward I. and witness to a deed in the 6th of Edward I. He is said to hold here two parts of a fee of the heirs of Comyn, and of the barony of Valoines, of which the prior of St. Faith held the fourth part.

In the 31st of Edward I. John, son of Ralph de Pavely, of Riburgh Parva, granted, by fine, to William, son of John de Paveli, 45 messuages, 2 mills, 362 acres of land, and an half, 12 acres of meadow, one of moor, one of wood, £8. 0s. 3d. ob. rent, in this town, Stiberd, Testerton, Geyst, Gately, Pudding-Norton, Weston, Diddington, and Northwold, and William regranted them to John for life.

Robert de Paveley held here the 3d part of a fee of John de Norwich, and he of the King, which John de Paveley formerly held of the Earl Warren's fee; and John de Paveley was found at the same time to have a third part of a fee of the said tenures, and John de Rattlesden also held 2 parts of a fee of the heirs of Comyn, of the barony of Valoins, which Simon de Rattlesden formerly held, and of which the prior of St. Faith's held the 4th part, Ao 20th Edward III.

In the 46th of Edward III. Elizabeth, wife of Richard Talbot, ancestor of the Earls of Salisbury, held in demean 8 fees, as appears from the eschaet rolls in this town, Sculthorp, Stiberde, Snetesham, North Barsham, Frenge, Ingaldesthorpe, Dalling, &c. in capita ; she was daughter of John Comyn, of Badenagh, heir to Valence Earl of Pembroke, and held them of the castle of Acre.

John de Paveley of Heynford, by his will, dated 12th of the calends of May, 1379, bequeathed his body to be buried in the church of All-Saints, of this town, and was proved July 23d following; and John Paveley of this town, by his will, dated 1421, and proved the 15th of March, 1522 [sic], was buried in the churchyard of the said church of All-Saints. Suit of court was paid to Sculthorp manor 17s. per ann. And 4 capons, about this time.

Besides the family of Pavely, the family of Wood-Dalling held a part of this manor of the Earl Warren, and had a right in the patronage of the church, as will afterwards appear.

In the 4th of Henriy VII. Roger Townesend, Esq. and Anne his wife, held this lordship, 8 messuages, 4 tofts, 2055 acres of land here, in Stiberd, Wood-Norton, Fulmodeston, Geyst, Bathele, Gunthorpe, Barmere, Barwick, Stanhowe, North-Creke, Docking, and Chiphow : in this family it remains, the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Townsend being the present lord.


The Lord Valoins had a lordship also in this town, granted to him by the Conqueror, out of which a freeman was ejected ; Tyrus held it of the said lord, consisting, in King Edward's time, of a carucate of land, and 9 bordarers, 2 servi ; there was also one carucate in demean, and one belonging to the men, &c. 4 acres of meadow, a mill, &c. valued at 40s. and was 3 furlongs long, 2 broad, and paid 12d. gelt.

Tyrus, who was enfeoffed of this lordship under the Lord Valoines, was ancestor of the family of Wood-Dalling, and is sometimes called (as I take it) Turold de Dating.

Ralph, son of Turald, and Roger his son, gave the church of this town, with that of Wood-Dalling, with 40 acres of land here, 3 in Butaichescroft, with the tenth, or tithe of the mills, to Binham priory. This was confirmed by Reginald de Warren, (brother to the Earl Warren,) who was living in the reign of King Stephen : to Ralph's deed are witnesses, --- Reginald de Warren, and Alice his wife, William de Merlei, cupbearer to the Earl of Arundel.

Reginald de Warren gave to the said priory 3 acres to build a house, wherein to lay their tithe.

Roger, son of Ralph aforesaid, confirmed to them the church of Riburgh Parva :—Witnesses, Lady Juga his wife, Roger, and Roger his sons, William, son of Ralph, Peter his brother : also he gave them 10s. rent here :—Witnesses, Pagan and Roger, parsons of the church, Richard de Refham, Richard de Nugun, Geffrey, son of Gilbert of Laringsete.

In the 1st of King John, Thomas, prior of Binham, let to Ralph de Dalling 40 acres of land here, paying 6s. rent per ann. and the said Ralph, in the 4th of that King, released 10 acres of land belonging to the church.

Peter Fitz-Ralph de Wood-Dalling gave to this priory, with the assent of Thomas his son and heir, and Lefguena his wife, lands here, called Fenwong and Mulnewong, and elsewhere, in the fields, &c. Witnesses, Wimer, the sheriff, William de Kerdeston, Alexander his brother, William de Gunthorp, Reginald his brother, &c. and Lefguena, by another deed, confirmed it. Witnesses, Almer, the sheriff, &c.

Sir Philip de Pavylli confirmed to them the church of Ryburgh Parva : which he had impleaded them for, in the King's court, and levied a fine thereof, in the reign of Richard I.

Geffrey, prior of Binham, granted the church to Reginald and Philip, sons of Alan the priest of Riburgh Parva, with the tithes.

Roger, son of Andrew of Ryburgh Parva gave all the land he held in this town of Sir Ralph de Dalling, and the lands held of Agnes, mother of the said Ralph, with the lands held of Ralph, son of Geffrey, of East-Barsham, &c.

The son of Peter Filz-Ralph gave them lands here.

The prior demised to Richard the chaplain, for life, so long as he should keep the secular habit, 8s. per ann. all the small tithes of the demeans, formerly Ralph de Monpinzun's, and of his men in this town.

Henry, son of Ralph Sculting ofEast-Barsham, gave them 12d. rent here : Witnesses, Sir Gyles de Munpinzun, John his son, Sir Ralph de Pavely, John his son, James de Riburgh, &c.

The temporalities of the priory, in this town, were valued at 37s. and in Ryburgh Magna, at 36s. and 8d. in 1428.

At the Dissolution, it came to the Pastons of ----- , and after to the Bacons; and Sir Edmund died seized of it.


In the 6th of Edward I. the prior held the fourth part of two parts of a fee of the barony of Valoines, probably granted by the Lord Robert Fitz-Walter, about the reign of King John, having married Gunnora, daughter and heir of Robert Lord Valoines.

Their temporalities, valued, in 1428, at 47s. per ann.

At the Dissolution, it was granted December 3, Ao. 35th Henry VIII. to Robert and Giles Townsend, Esqs. on the payment of 29s. and 3d. ob. per ann.; they were younger sons of Sir Roger Townsend, who soon after had license to alienate it to Sir Roger, their brother; and Sir John Townsend was found to die possessed of it, in the 1st of King James I. in which family it remains, the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Townsend being lord.


Of this some account has been mentioned ; it was in the priory of Walsingham, and extended into Great Ryburgh, if not a part of that manor.

In the 3d of Henry IV. the prior held here 2 parts of a fee, and was part of the Lord Valoine's.—At the Dissolution, it was granted to Sir William Butts, M. D. from whose family it came to the Bacons.

The temporalities of Castleacre priory were, in 1427, valued at 10s. 6d. per ann. Ralph de Pavili gave 3s. rent, to whose deed Prudence his wife was a witness. The temporalities of the abbey of Creke 5s. 8d.ob. q.

The Tenths were £2. 15s.—Lete fee to the lord of the hundred l2d.

The Church is dedicated to All-Saints, and was a rectory appropriated to the priory of Binham, its old valor being 13 marks, and had a manse, with 5 acres; the vicarage valued at 4 marks. Peter-pence 11d.—Present valor £7. 14s. 4d. and called a rectory.

The rectory was granted by King Henry VIII. in his 33d year, to Sir Thomas Paston, Knt. with the patronage of the vicarage.

William Turbe Bishop of Norwich granted this church, with all its appertenances, to Alan, clerk, on the presentation of Ralph, son of Turold de Dallyng, lord of the manor.


Alan de Riburgh, instituted vicar 1307. presented by the prior and convent of Binham.
1308, Hervey de Rudham. Ditto.
1314, Simon Lents. ditto.
1349, Robert le Warner. Ditto.
1351, Henry Smith. Ditto.
>1351, Ralph Gode. Ditto.
136l, Henry Roman. Ditto.
1366, William Speke, or Peche. Ditto.
1372, Simon Nyle. Ditto.
1380, John Rothwell, by the Bishop, a lapse.
1384, Hugh Fy,he, by the prior, &c.
1397, John Tyd. Ditto.
1412, Robert Storm. Ditto.
1423, George Smith. Ditto.
1431, Roger Hill, by the prior, &c.
>1434, William Hillys. Ditto.
1461, Roger Cook. Ditto.
John Hogon.
1485 William Banke. Ditto.
1493,Robert Janson. Ditto.
1502, Geffrey Howes. Ditto.
1516, Robert Grey. Ditto.
1519, Robert Sylvestre. Ditto.
1521, Henry Davyes. Ditto.
1524, Robert Newman, Ditto.
1532, Godfrey Cosigne. Ditto.
Thomas Lyne.
1554, Thomas Brewer, by Edward Fitz-Garret, Esq. and Agnes Paston his wife.
1561, John Heath. Ditto.
1607, Edward Moor, by Edward Paston, Esq.
1621, Leonard Helaghe, by Thomas Paston, Esq.
1728, Edweard Turner, by Sir Edmund Bacon, Bart.
1740, Metyer Reynolds. Ditto.
1758, Edward Smallwell, by Mrs. Mary Bacon.
1760, Charles Mordaunt. Ditto.