Binham Priory's holdings in Kelling & Salthouse

An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk... by the Late Rev. Charles Parkin, A. M. Volume IX, London, 1807 pages 406 - 407


Here [in Kelling] was also a lordship belonging to Roger, son of Renard, and held of him by Ralph, son of Hagan, out of which Wester, a freeman of Guert, (brother of King Harold) was ejected, consisting of 2 carucates of land, 6 villains and 20 borderers, 2 carucates in demean, 2 among the tenants, and an acre of meadow, &c. valued at 20s. but at the survey at 40s.

Roger was also lord of Stanford, Bukenham, and Ickburgh, in Grimsho hundred ;—of Inglethorp, in Smethden hundred ;—of Scoulton in Weyland hundred; —of two, in Attleburgh, and of Rockland in Shropham hundred ;—of Mundham, in Lothingham, or Loddon hundred;—of Hateston, in Depwade hundred ;—of Ravelingham, and Thurston, in Clavering hundred.

The family of Braunche had an interest herein, of which see in North Barsham. Sir Peter Braunche, son of Richard Braunche, of Gresham, conveyed to the prior of Binham, for 25 marks, in the 24th of Henry III. all his estate in Kelling and Salthouse, (except a parcel of land given by him to Salthouse church) with 4s. aid per ann. which his men were used to pay him, yielding to him only the service due to the King, which was when the scutage was 2s. to pay 4s. and so when more, paying more, and when less, less ; witnesses, Sir Robert de Curchun, Sir Roger de Perers, Sir Jeff. de Merston.

Sir Nicholas Braunche confirmed this grant by his deed dated at Frome in Somersetshire, in the 14th of Edward II. and sealed with a de-lis, and a lable of 5 points.

William, son of Sir Thomas de Waborne, gave them lands in Kelling and Salthouse, with Grenberew windmill, for the soul of Alice his wife, and Aldreda his mother, in the reign of Henry III.; and there was an agreement in the 21st of that King, before Robert de Lexington, William de Ebor. Adam Fitz William, and William de Culeworth, between the prior of Merton in Surrey, and William, son of Thomas de Wabrun of the services due to the prior, from William, for lands here given to Binham priory, after King Henry III. confirmed to the priory of Merton, all their liberties, which lands enjoyed the said privileges, as held of the prior of Merton, and were conveyed to the prior of Binham, by agreement made between Thomas, son of William de Wabrun, and Lady Albreda his mother, and the prior.

In the 31st of the said King, Robert, son of Sir Hubert of Kelling, gives to Binham prior half a mark rent per ann. out of Grenbergh mill, and 16 acres of land in Kelling and Salthouse. Peter Stoun, of Kelling, and Salthouse, gave rent and lands, as did Roger de Langham. This Thomas Woburn conveyed by fine, in the the 35th of Henry III. to Richard, prior of Binham, the 4th part of a fee in Kelling, and Salthouse, the prior engaging to find Thomas, for life, several pittances of meat, drink, oats, &c.

In the 14th of Edward I. this priory claimed view of frank pledge, assise of bread and beer, &c.

The priory of Waborne's messuages and lands here granted to Richard Heydon, June 20, in the 37th of Henry VIII. with the portion of the tithe of 20s. per ann.