Priors and Incumbents to the Dissolution

Priors Vicars 
according to Blomefield -
but he was Presbyter nor Prior
occurs 1121 - 35 Robert   
c 1133 - 43/6 Enisandus   
occurs 1167 - 83 Geoffrey   
occurs in 1189,1193, 1197 Peter   
occurs 1189-9 Ralph Gubion    
occurs 1199-1207 Thomas   
Le Rus occurs 1214, 1220;
these three referred
to as former priors in 1249; next
one Wm de Gedding
Richard le Rus    
 Richard de Kancia   
(Died 1227)William de Gedding    
1227 (resigned 1244)Richard de Parco    
occurs 1244 Richard de Selford    
occurs 1262William   
occurs 1264, 1267Adam de Motu   
occurs 1279, 1289Robert de Waltham   
occurs 1296Walter1310Alan Alam by Prior of Binham
1317William de Somerton   
1323Nicholas de Flamstede 1330Richard Languale by Prior of Binham
1326William de Somerton   
1337John de Caldewell 1349John Archer by Prior of Binham
  1349William Alen  
  1351Andrew Goldsmith  
occurs 1354Adam1374John Randolph  
  1375Edmund Hillot  
  1386John Cheney  
occurs 1396Robert Stoke 1393Thomas Calwere  
  1400John Sige  
  1416John Cosyn  
1424Michael Cheyne   
1430William Bryt   
1436William Spygon   
1438Nicholas Wellys   
1454Henry Halstead   
1461William Dixwell   
1464John Peyton LL.D.    
1465 - 76 William Dixwell 1471Richard Dene by the Bishop
1480Richard Whitingdon   
1481Thomas Sudbury1481Richard Harman  
1485William Fresell1488William Waterman  
  1492William Becbank  
  1505Richard Weston by the Bishop (a lapse)
   Thomas Lyon (vicar)
1509John Albon1521Thomas Jary by the Prior
1539Thomas Williams