A Monks Possessions

A list of items that each novice monk had to bring with him to the monastery

1 mattress

2 pairs of blankets

2 pairs of bedcovers

3 coverlets

1 fur coverlet

3 pillows

1 cowl and frock

1 furred black tunic

1 plain black tunic

2 white tunics

1 black furred hood

1 plain black hood

2 night shirts

A white night cap

3 shirts

4 pairs of breeches

2 pairs of stockings

4 pairs of socks

3 pairs of handkerchiefs

2 pairs of day boots and

1 pair for night

A leather jacket

A shaving cloth

2 towels

A bag for dirty clothes

A bowl

A glass cup

A silver spoon

A small night belt

A belt and a pouch containing a knife

A comb

A needle and thread

Writing tablets

Read this list of things that every novice monk had to bring with him to the monastery.

Compare this list of possessions for a monk with your own possessions.

What do they tell you about life at the monastery?

Do you think any boy or man could become a novice monk?

What might prevent some from joining the monastery?

Do you think this list is complete?

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