Children’s Area

The Children’s area is towards the back of the church. There is a table with activities on it for young children and their parents. childrens area

Visitors are encouraged to look at the replica brasses here, mounted on the back of the pew, and invited to make their own brass rubbing. There were a number of brasses in Binham Priory, set in the floor around the altar, it is still possible to spot where they would have been. These replicas are based on what would have been here, the man and his wife from Binham Priory, a monk from St Albans Abbey and a priest from the nearby church in South Creake. Relating to each of these brasses is a Discovery Sheet, these tell the tale of each of the four characters and their lives here in Binham in the fifteenth century. The man is in the role of a mason and his wife a weaver. It is hoped that children will enjoy using these interactive sheets and have fun discovering the priory.

Paper and wax crayons are here and the Discovery Sheets can be downloaded from this website prior to your visit or are available within the children’s area for your use. It is hoped that they will make your visit to Binham Priory a memorable one.

Discovery Sheets:

The Binham Mason's Tale (pdf)

The Binham Weaver's Tale (pdf)

The Binham Monk's Tale (pdf)

The Binham Priest's Tale (pdf)