Incumbents since the Dissolution

1542Thomas Blithe S.T.B. by Thomas Paston of the Privy Chamber of the king.
1546Thomas Silverside by Thomas Paston of the Privy Chamber of the king.
 Christopher Nuttelldeprived in 1555 for being married
1555William Powleby the Bishop.
1559Christopher Nuttellrestored in 1559; became also rector of Salthouse 1560-1589
1592Ralph Sameby Edward Paston, Esq.
1603Richard Baldwinby Edward Paston, Esq.
1628Richard Slynnby Robert Fieden, assignee of Sir Henry Compton Knt.
1662Edmund Wyth
1704John Wellscurate and sequestrator
1750Samuel Hemington Vicar, by the King
1783Edward Tilson
1787George Boldero
1822William Upjohn
1856Arthur Gilbert
1865Robert Corry Cavell
1907George F Sharland
1911L R Moore
1916Gilbert F Hill
1921F A Hannam
1928John L Davies
1935C F H Carroll
1964Anthony C Footit
1972W Paul Watkins
1973M Godfrey Farnworth
1984Llewelyn R Fawcett
1991Robert C Wright
1997John Penny
2005Joanna Anderson
2009Ian Whittle