Rector’s Message


The Priory Church of St Mary and the Holy Cross is open daily between 10am and 5pm for individual prayer in line with social distancing and  hand hygiene guidelines.

The Priory Church of St Mary and the Holy Cross is open for worship  as listed under Services at 11.00am in line with social distancing and  hand hygiene guidelines.



Zoom Services on Sundays will continue on a monthly basis  – the first Sunday of the month at 5pm.

To participate please telephone Ian Newton on 01328 830947 or email iannewton46@ You will be warmly welcomed.

Ian Whittle is very keen that we continue to offer services for any who are not able to come to church.

I have been delighted to take part in Divine Worship on Zoom, made possible by Mr. Ian & Canon Fiona Newton, with whom I’ve worked closely over these last months. Vast thanks to all.



My Dear Friends and Parishioners,

Off we go to the last few months of the year.  But what do years and months matter?  They matter very much if you grow crops for profit or raise stock for food, or must meet dates for deals.  But otherwise, in a sense, apart from ageing, time does not matter.  We are given a space for making friendships and relationships, or simply for living and experiencing the full delight of being alive.

Friendship is a most special thing.  It has made my life a joy; and the diminishing of a friendship, though sometimes inevitable, is a sad thing.

As a clergyman I have been blessed with the gift of many friends in many parishes.  Some find it easy – I do.  Some do not.

But Christ Jesus, approached through prayer, encountered in Holy Writ, and met in worship is the same friend to us all.  He brings health, eternal salvation, and life and love to all who would receive him.  And we meet him as individuals, as well as members of a Great Family, the Church of God.  These words demand capital letters.  They are the most important things in life.

In the last few months I have been delighted to conduct many weddings in both my own parishes and in others, according to the Book of Common Prayer, re-established in 1662.  To see and hear, say 60 young people dedicate their entire lives to faithfulness, mutual obedience and true love, in the language of their forbears, has been tremendous.  I wish and pray that happiness and health, peace and plenty, laughter and care, be theirs always.  As I wish for all my friends and parishioners, and colleagues.

May Almighty God bless and keep you all.

Sung at Binham, 5th September.  Words and music Mark Altrogge

You are beautiful beyond description

Too marvellous for words.

Too wonderful for comprehension

Like nothing ever seen or heard.

Who can grasp Your infinite wisdom

Who can fathom the depths of Your love.

You are beautiful beyond description

Majesty enthroned above.


And I stand, I stand in awe of You.

I stand, I stand in awe of You.

Holy God, to whom, all praise is due,

I stand in awe of You.


Yours most truly,

Ian Whittle



Inquiries of the Faith

I have been asked to have four Inquiries of the Faith in November.

My dining room can seat 18 people.  If there are more, we shall go to the church at Langham (warmed).  I thought we might look at St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians.

No business.  Coffee.  Sherry?

Dates: Tuesdays – 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd, all at 11 o’clock.  IW